Round series 6x

■Product features
The interchangeable lens system has a rubber mounting frame set in the lens and has compatibility with lenses of various magnifications in one product.
The middle magnification range of the replacement lens system is excellent in balance between workability in a wide field of view and moderate magnification and therefore can be used in a variety of fields from 100% inspection
to sampling inspection.

■Product Name
Interchangeable lens system
Round series 6x

■Product Specifications

Magnification 6x
Lens dimensions/eyepiece diameter (mm) ɸ105
Eyepoint/distance between the eye and lens (mm) 100
Working distance / distance between the lens and the object (mm) 82
View (mm) ɸ70
Lens Type Round Series interchangeable lens system
AR (anti-reflection) Coated Lens Setting Available
Lens Material Optical glass
Lens Configuration 2 pcs
Weight (g) 570
Compatible models SKKL, ENVL LSKs, LSK, and O-LIGHT-F series