In order for our customers to safely use our products, we have had a warranty certificate
with guarantee provisions (including a serial number in a form of a reply-paid postcard so
we can receive feedback as well) included in the product. This time we have changed to having
the warranty card downloadable from our website instead.

In the conventional method, customers often discard the warranty certificate with the product packaging,
therefore could not have the warranty covered when they needed a repair or found some malfunction.
From now on, you may print out the warranty certificate at the time of purchase or when you require repair,
with product information described to keep by your side.

In case of any defects in the product, please present the warranty certificate so we can handle according to the guarantee provisions.
Please note that there is no change in the contents of the guarantee provisions accompanying this change.
Thank you very much for your understanding.

Please ask your distributor.