Round series 10x

■Product features
The interchangeable lens system has a rubber mounting frame set in the lens and has compatibility with lenses of various magnifications in one product.
The high magnification lens of the replacement lens system has both a wide field of view and higher magnification compared to the microscope.
It can be used for 100% inspection of lower quantities to sampling inspection.

■Product Name
Interchangeable lens system
Round series 10x

■Product Specifications

Magnification 10x
Lens dimensions/eyepiece diameter (mm) ɸ90
Eyepoint/distance between the eye and lens (mm) 80
Working distance / distance between the lens and the object (mm) 43
View (mm) ɸ40
Lens Type Round Series interchangeable lens system
AR (anti-reflection) Coated Lens Setting Available
Lens Material Optical glass
Lens Configuration 4 pcs
Weight (g) 1350
Compatible models SKKL, ENVL, and O-LIGHT-F series