Recta PUL

■Product features
The recta-system power-up lens “RECTA-PUL” is a dedicated auxiliary lens that amplifies the magnification of the Recta-system lens 2x and 3.5x,
installed on top of each lens.
For 2x lens, the magnification will be changed to “4x”, and for
3.5x to “5x”.

■Product Name
Options for illuminated magnifier “Recta-system Lens”
Recta – PUL

■Product Specifications

Magnification 4x (with 2x lens) / 5x (with 3.5x lens)
Available lens dimension 139×103
Lens Type Recta-system lenses
AR (anti-reflection) Coated Lens Setting Available
Lens Material Resin (AR coating is made of optical glass)
Lens Configuration 1 piece
Weight (g) 295
Compatible models O-LIGHT III, O-LIGHT III-L series