■Product features
Round series power-up lens “SKK-PUL” is an auxiliary lens for amplifying the magnification by attaching it to the 2x replacement lens system.
By using SKK-PUL on the product with the 2x replacement lens system, you may change the magnification to approximately 5x.
It is dedicated for the 2x lens, and may not be used for lenses of other magnifications as it will cause severe distortion.

■Product Name
Option for illuminated magnifier “Round series replacement lens system.”

■Product Specifications

Lens dimension (mm) ɸ100
Installation Method Attached to the upper side of the lens frame
AR (anti-reflection) Coated Lens Setting Not available
Lens Material Optical glass
Lens Configuration 1 piece
Compatible models Only for replacement lens system 2x
* Cannot be used for other magnification lenses.