Recta PUL AR

■Product features
The recta-system power-up lens “RECTA-PUL” is a dedicated auxiliary lens that amplifies the magnification of the recta-system lens 2x and 3.5x, installed on top of each lens.
For the 2x lens, the magnification will be changed to “4x”, and for 3.5x to “5x”.
AR is an abbreviation for anti-reflection.
AR coating suppresses the reflection of the light beam on the surface of the lens, reducing the workload of the person doing the work.

■Product Name
Options for illuminated magnifier “Recta-system Lens”
Recta – PUL AR

■Product Specifications

Magnification 4x (with 2x lens) / 5x (with 3.5x lens)
Available lens dimension 133×97
Lens Type Recta-system lenses
AR (anti-reflection) Coated Lens Setting Available
Lens Material Optical glass
Lens Configuration 1 piece
Weight (g) 560
Compatible models O-LIGHT III, O-LIGHT III-L series