Large-diameter glass scale GS-A

■Product features
The large caliber glass scale GS-A is a precise “scale” which graduates divisions and various gauges on a glass surface.
Six types of scales are drawn on the surface of a φ76mm circular glass and rubber knurls around the aluminum frame for easy use.

■Product Name
Large-diameter glass scale GS-A

■Product Specifications

Diameter ɸ90mm
Thickness 8 mm
Lens Material Optical glass
Processing Cr deposition
Accuracy ± 0.005 mm
Scale 60 mm scale (0.1 mm division)
Protractor (0 ° – 90 °)
Pitch gauge (0.5 – 1.75 mm)
Square gauge (2.0 – 0.3 mm)
Taper gauge (0.5 – 0.1 mm)
Weight (g) 50