WIDE View Stand Loupe

■Product features
WIDE View Stand Loupe is a “simple loupe” that combines three types of plastic lenses with a metal base that can stand on its own.
The largest rectangular lens is 2x magnification, and the size is 110×145 mm.
The Round lens has two types, 4x/Φ30mm, 7x/Φ25 mm.
When not in use, you may fold the product into an A5 size, making it easy for storage and transportation.
It may be used at various places from home to work in a factory.

■Product Name
WIDE View Stand Loupe

■Product Specifications

Dimension (mm) 200×160×45mm(Folded)
Arm length (mm) ~200
Magnification 2x/110×145 mm rectangular
4x/ɸ30 mm / Round (Large)
7x/ɸ25 mm / Round (Small)
AR (anti-reflection) Coated Lens Setting Not available
Material Plastic lens
Configuration 1 each / total 3 pcs
Weight (g) 1900