■Product features
Barlight is a lighting equipment for inspection to easily detect defects with rough surfaces such as fine scratches, dust, and sink marks,
by illuminating the object with planar light rays with a combination of bright LED and parallel arranged lens.
By using the product in combination as an auxiliary light for optical equipment such as an illuminated magnifier,
as well as any single use items, it is possible to improve the detection of defects.
With the BARLIGHT 2, there is no adjustment function for the light intensity or the irradiation divergence angle of the light beam.
Therefore, everything fixed.
As an option, the “Tilt stand” is to fix a single product, the “Double tilt stand” for two products, the “Barlight Free-arm” for environments where more flexibility is necessary,
and “Barlight grip” for holding the product with only one hand, are available.

■Product Name
LED light for checking surface flaws


■Product Specifications

Light source Bright White LED x 7 pcs
Input voltage 100V:50/60 Hz:Plug Type A
*The voltage cannot be polarized.
Illumination (Irradiation divergence angle 6°/measured value) 150mm/15000Lx, 200mm/10000Lx, 300mm/5800Lx, 400mm/3600Lx
Power consumption 8W
Dimming Function Not available
Adjustment function for irradiation divergence angle Not available / fixed
Product weight (Kg) 370g (illuminating head/300g)
Operating temperature range 0℃ ~ 40℃
Dustproof and waterproof protection grade IP40(Indoor ude only)