The BARLIGHT 530 (LED light for checking surface flaws)

■Product Features
The BARLIGHT Series uses a combination of high-luminance LED lenses in a parallel configuration to illuminate flat targets,
making it ideal for easy inspection of flaws and unevenness like microscopic surface scratches, dust, and burrs.
The BARLIGHT 530 has a standard 3x (as compared to II models) optical illumination range,
allowing it to support large workpieces that were a challenge for conventional products.
Furthermore, BARLIGHT II models have a full lineup of mounting options (including table stands, clamp stands, movable arms, and more)
to address the increased size of the product.
The models are all fixed types, and do not have luminance or light optical refractive range adjustment functions.
The product also features a range of optional items, including a tilt stand capable of fixing a single unit in place, a double tilt stand for two units,
the BARLIGHT movable arm option for settings that require freedom of movement, and the BARLIGHT clip for holding the product with a single hand.

■Product Name
LED Surface Flaw Detection Light


■Product Specifications

Light Source High luminance white LED x 7 bulbs
Power Supply Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Type A plugs
*Luminance (6° of optical spread – measured values) 150 mm/15000Lx, 200 mm/10000Lx, 300 mm/5800Lx, 400 mm/3600Lx
Power Consumption 8W
Dimmer Function No
Optical Diffusion Angle Adjustment Feature No – fixed
Product weight 370g (Illumination head only – 300g)
Illumination Head Dimensions (mm) 224×34×38H
Power Supply Dimensions (mm) 60×44×30H
Usable Temperature Range 0°C-40°C
Dust and Water Protection Rating IP40