OTS-3 Light Box

■Product features
A light box equipped as transillumination for “Toru-kun,” OTS-3. It can be used not only for repair and replacement,
but also, can be combined with other products.

■Product Name
OTS-3 Light Box

■Product Specifications

Magnification 3x AR coated lens
Lens dimension (mm) ɸ130
Lens Material Optical glass
Working distance (mm) 130
VIew rate (mm) ɸ120
Lens Type Fixed
Anti-reflection Coating Lens Lineup Available
Light source 8W straight fluorescent tubes (FL8) x 1 pc.
Input voltage AC100V, 50/60 Hz and Plug-type A (AC adapter included)
Power consumption 16W
Adjustable Lighting Not available
Weight (Kg) 4.4
Total Height (mm) 288
Head Dimensions (mm) ɸ144
Vertical Post/Horizontal Bar (Diameter/mm) ɸ16/ɸ13
Light box dimensions (mm) 335×206×36H
Transillumination Dimensions (“) 260×150