OSL-2(Fluorescent illuminated magnifier)

■Product features
OSL-2 is an illuminated magnifier with the most standard shape for placement and use on a workbench.
The light is sourced from two 6W straight fluorescent tubes ensuring sufficient light for inspection.
The prismatic lens is made with cutting the distortion of the outer circumference of the lens which occurs in a round lens and therefore supports long hours of work.
As an option, the “OSL-PUL (power-up lens)” that amplifies the magnification from 2x to 4x is available. *Only products with 2x lens can be used

■Product Name
Fluorescent tube lighting magnifier

OSL-2 (Table stand type)

■Product Specifications

Magnification 2x, 4x
Allowable lens dimension (mm) 100×140
Lens Material Optical glass
Working distance (mm) 2x/160, 4x/110
Lens Type Fixed
Multi-coating Setting Not available
Light source 6W straight fluorescent tubes (FL6N) x 2 pc.
Wavelength 400 nm
Input voltage 100V: 50/60 Hz: Plug Type A
Power consumption 18W
Dimming Function Not available
Product weight 6.5 Kg
Overall height (mm) 425
Head Dimensions (mm) 180X237
Virtical/Horizontal Bar (Φ/mm)(diameter/mm) ɸ16/ɸ13
Table dimensions (mm) 300X310X65H