■Product Features
The OLIGHT5-F model is a swing-arm product that can be clamped to a desk.
The lens has been enlarged by 150% to compare with OLIGHT3.
Continuous dimming has been greatly expanded from 100% to 10%.
The AR coating is standardized to alleviate eye fatigue even over long periods of use.
The square shape of the lens cuts down on the distortion around the periphery of the lens that occurs with round lenses, making it possible to work for long periods of time.
The ON/OFF switch is located in the head for improved operability.
Newly-designed clamps are compact and do not interfere with the work space, considering the strength and workability.
An AC adapter is used for power supply.

■Product Name
LED Illuminated Magnifier

■Model Name
OLIGHT5-F (Free-arm illuminated magnifier)

■Product Specifications


Lens spec
Magnification 2xAR
Lens Dimension (mm) 180×120
Lens Material Optical glass
working distance (mm) 160
Lens system
AR Coating options standard equipment
Light Source LED lighting panel
Power Supply Voltage 100-240V, 50/60Hz, Type A plugs
*Usable with 125-240V power via replacement of AC cord with plug.
Please inquire with the retail point of sale for details.
Power Consumption 9W
Dimmer Function Yes – Dimmer range of 100%-10%
Product weight Oapprox 2.2kg (Without lens and AC adapter/body weight)
Height (mm) 481
Arm length (mm) 770
Possible clamping width (diameter/mm) 15〜60

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