■Product features
It is a product designed to visualize irregularities existing on the surface of a workpiece with diffused reflection of light by
attaching a white LED light panel diagonally and irradiated light beams with an angle towards the center of the lens.
It is an excellent model to detect “scratches” or “dents” on the surface of objects such as metal or resin.
The prismatic lens is made with cutting the distortion of the outer circumference of the lens which occurs in a round lens and therefore supports long hours of work.
By using an “AR coated” lens that prevents reflection
as an option, the reflection of the lens is inhibited, and the transmission of the light is increased,
enabling the reduction of workload and fatigue.

■Product Name
LED illuminated magnifier

O-LIGHT III-L (Free arm-type illuminated magnifier)

■Product Specifications

Lens spec Free arm-type
Magnification 2x, 3.5x, 2xAR, 3.5x AR
Lens dimension (mm) 144×108
Allowable lens dimension (mm) 139×103
Lens Material Optical glass
Working distance (mm) 2x/160, 3.5x/120
Lens weight (g) 2x/560, 3.5x/730
Lens Type Interchangeable Lens “Recta-System” Lens System
Multi-coating Setting Available / 2x, 3.5x
Light source LED light panel
Input voltage 100~240V, 50/60Hz, plug type A
* It is possible to use up to 125 ~ 240V by changing the cord with attached AC plug.
For more information, please contact your dealer.
Power consumption 9W
Standby power 0W
Dimming Function Available / adjustment range 100~50%
Product weight O-LIGHT III-L 2x ~2.8Kg O-LIGHT III-L 3.5x ~2.9Kg
Arm length (mm) 850
Head Dimensions (mm) 293×205
Possible clamping width (mm) 15~60
Operating temperature range 5℃ ~40℃
Dustproof and waterproof protection grade IP20 (indoor use only)