■Product Features
・The MAGNALIGHT series is the successor to the popularly discontinued “LSK Wide” series, but with a newly designed lighting head and shared use of parts, the price has been successfully reduced.
・The newly designed “MAGNA WIDE Lens System” has a large-diameter lens of 150 mm in diameter, providing a 25% larger field of view compared to the standard lens (130 mm in diameter).
・The AR (Anti-Reflection) coatings on the lens is standard.the annoying flicker of reflected ambient light on the lens surface, reducing eye fatigue and improving inspection accuracy.
・The lighting is provided by high-performance LEDs with high color rendering properties, which reduces discomfort during visual inspection.
・The illumination is equipped with high-performance
・Model FD is an arm-type illuminated magnifier equipped with a flange base to be fixed with screws to a workbench, etc. It is suitable for installation in places where the product cannot be fixed with a clamp (such as on a wall behind the product).
・It is suitable for installation in places where the product cannot be fixed with a clamp (e.g., where there is a wall behind the product).
■Product Name
LED Illuminated mangifire
■Model Name
MGL-FD(Desk holder fixed free-arm)

■Prodcut Specifications

Mangnification 2XAR、3XAR、4XAR
LENS method Magna Wide Lens system
Light source High color rending LED (Ra≧95) with diffusion protective color
Rated input voltage AC100V~240V  50/60Hz  to 240V can be used by changing AC cord only.
Rated power consumption 14W
Dimming function 100%〜0%
weight(Kg) 2.2(excluding lens weight)
height(mm) 1000
Head Dimentions(mm) Φ226
Clamping width(mm) 10-60
AC Adapter Dimensions(mm) 87×45×34H(excluding wire)
Operating temperature range 5℃ ~ 35℃
Dustproof and waterproof protection class IP20(for indoor use only)