■Product features
The MODELIGHT series was developed as lighting for visual inspection aimed at reducing eye fatigue that burdens workers.
At inspection sites, inspection is often conducted using a room lighting or fluorescent lighting for work, but there are cases in which this is a burden to the worker, such as when it is impossible to secure a proper level of brightness or when it is too bright. This product is optimal for improving this situation and conducting inspections with proper lighting.
It uses a robust free arm made of stainless steel, enabling this product to withstand hard use at manufacturing sites.
In addition, the FD type is a product equipped with a flange base that can be fixed to a table with screws, making it suitable for environments in which the product cannot be fixed with a clamp (such as when it is against the wall).

■Product Name
MODELIGHT EL-FD (Desk holder fixed type)

■Product Specifications

Light Source Daylight white OLED panel
Illuminance (lx) 750/150mm, 350/250mm, 190/350mm
General Color Rendering Index (Ra) 93
Color Temperature (K) 4700
Input Voltage 100V, 50/60 Hz, plug type A
Power Consumption (w) 6
Adjustable Lighting Available/100~0%
Lighting Head Dimensions (mm) 317 × 110
Dustproof/Waterproof Grade IP20(indoor use only)
Operating Temperature Range 5°C ~ 40°C
Weight (kg) 2.0 kg

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